Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Tolerance - No Remorse Test Press

One of the best hardcore 7" in recent memory, I had to snag a test when presented with the opportunity. Not too many of these released to the public, especially with covers. Takes me back to the good ol' days.

In the Eyes of God

I bought this on CD at some record store and it scared the shit out of me. Featuring the core of Mastodon and fronted by the legendary Steve Austin (No not that one), this album is one of the most underrated in the Relapse discography. I actually bought this from the Relapse Store in Philly about 7 years ago for maybe $20-$30. This along with Rorschach's "Protestant" are two albums that haunt the shit out of me in a good way. They have a pretty eclectic back catalog, but this one is definitely tops. I didn't really think people cared too much about this one, so I was surprised when I saw this. Today Is the Day - In the Eyes of God - Clear Vinyl

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Devil

Though not comparable; other than maybe Poison Idea's perfect "Feel the Darkness" record, this is my favorite hardcore record of all time. No lectures, no frills, no singy-songy bullshit, just flat out brutality. Although I love Systems, it's still a distant second in my book. When this copy came up on eBay about 4 years ago, there hadn't been one posted in a long time and I was not going to let it pass. I actually remember putting my high bid of $250.00 in the middle of a meeting just to make sure I secured this beaut. Much to my surprise, it ended up going for just over $70.00. This one is out of /who the fuck knows? I have heard so many different numbers, from 30 to 200. I think it is definitely somewhere in the middle as they don't come up very often but definitely more than if there were only 30 pressed. Supposedly the pink came out this way in the transition between red and black. Someday, when I score this test I will never need to buy another record again.......

An Exorcism

Some bands get a lot of hype when they come out, some deserve it. Sex Vid was definitely deserving of the attention they received and getting a hold of anything by them was a struggle. Dom America, like the band had no website and every distro and record shop couldn't keep their records in stock. It wasn't until the LP that you could easily score any Sex Vid on vinyl. Fast forward 4 years and it's pretty easy to collect their entire discography on the cheap. I would imagine it would be a smart investment as I think their stuff will be re-discovered by future generations and become quite scarce. This is their 3rd EP entitled Nests. This version is a test press out of 5. It has a black and blue cover and opens at the side. Most copies you see of this have a red and black cover that opens from the top. From what I remember there were 3 presses of that and a black and white cover out of 100 for the release show. There was also a "skinhead sleeve" test press out of twenty something. I'll post that and other Sex Vid rarities if anyone still cares in a few months.....

Love Is Dead, LOVE IS DEAD

It took me way too long to think of my first post. I have been wanting to do a record blog for a while, but just recently found the gumption. I decided on one of my favorite records in my collection to start off. This is the Ink & Dagger - Love Is Dead 7" released on Happy Days Records. This particular version is #'d 1/3. You'll notice before the three there is a black blob. I came to find out that supposedly this was pressed in a run of 11 for a show and after people saw how cool they turned out; another 3 were made. This does have real blood splatter on the cover, supposedly from Robbie Redcheeks getting it on with a stapler. An all time classic.........